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Jennifer Hay is a jeweller living in Bannockburn, Central Otago. She employs traditional craft techniques such as crocheting and intricate hand beading using antique materials collected over many years.

Glass seed beads salvaged from Victorian mourning mantles, beads made in Murano and Czechoslovakia during the 19th and early 20th centuries and French metal micro beads are repurposed into jewellery that references the past and explores the boundary between contemporary fashion and art jewellery. Each piece is unique and can take many hours and even months to complete.


Jennifer also crochets fine silver wire to create lace-like necklaces and cuffs, incorporating gemstones and pearls and has taught herself the art of making French beaded flowers.


“I have always been drawn to textiles and adornments and my work represents my fascination with artisanal techniques and materials and my desire to make something beautiful.”


Jennifer has received merit awards for her beadwork and has a Masters Degree in the History of Art. She worked at the Christchurch Art Gallery, curating exhibitions such as Bill Hammond: Jingle Jangle Morning and numerous contemporary and historical art exhibitions.

027 217 3611

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