tim hawkins

A practising professional photographer for nearly forty years I was always conscious that my father was a keen amateur photographer and there is a famous story in the family that he once held up a train after the war in Austria so that he could purchase an enlarger and still make the station on time. This did not eventuate and he only made the train because my mother, Rosemary, refused to shut the door of the carriage, incurring the wrath of the inspector at the time.

However I never had the experience of joining him in the darkroom as his love of racing cars took precedence. Selling the family car and purchasing a studio in Timaru with six weddings on the books was the start of my professional career and a steep learning curve.

In essence I have the generosity of the people of South Canterbury in allowing me to hone my skills and at the same time earn a living. Nowadays, as a confident photographer I have many loyal and special clients who keep me busy.

Being a member of Hullabaloo is allowing me to further those skills and expand the boundaries that are necessarily set by a professional career. Never one for competitions or awards, I look to please myself with my images (no easy task!) and if they make a connection with others, then that is my reward.



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