marion vialade

I’m MARION VIALADE, an artist made in France!

No Diplomas, no art school, just me, a real self-taught artist.

For 14 years, I have been in love with printmaking and the range of marks produced by the ink pressed onto paper, never ceases to delight me.

Over the years, I tried different techniques of printmaking never giving a second thought to monotype (the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques). Until I revisited this process a couple of years ago. Monotype stands halfway between painting and printmaking which gives me the freedom that I thrive for. The process creates one unique print.

While exploring the new possibilities from another angle, I slowly tailored my own technique, bringing my love for drawing, painting, work on paper and inks together.

When it comes to the subject, I do not belong to a unique label. I like to make landscapes as much as animal portraits or quirky still lives. Each subject has its own challenges and requires a different approach. The only thing they have in common, they each start with a drawing, lines and shapes, light and shadows and of course a lot of texture that I enjoy translating into the final print.

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Free ride token-Marion VialadeWorch
Mackay 2016-Marion  VialadeWorch
MarionVialade-There will be trees
Pets-Pest-Marion VialadeWorch
Purple sunset-Marion VialadeWorch
The vanishing-Marion VialadeWorch
There will be trees-Marion VialadeWorch
This is my tree