deidre copeland

Deidre (Dee) was born in rural southland on a sheep farm.  Although she was surrounded by beautiful landscapes it has always been the geography of the human face which has inspired her art. 

Dee is considered one of NZ’s finest portrait painters and has won many major art awards.  She has paintings in private collections all over the world and has exhibited in ten public galleries throughout NZ, including 2 solo shows at the National Portrait Gallery in Wellington.  Dee has had the pleasure of painting many interesting characters including Tim Shadbolt, Sir Michael Hill, Sir Richard Hadley and Sir Edmond Hilary.

The artwork she creates reflects her genuine obsession with the human face, the beauty of detail, the uniqueness of the people’s lives and their intriguing stories.  There are endless possibilities and narratives to be explored.  Sometimes the models help find a direction or story line, other times she is inventing realities and directing models like actors on a stage.

'Anzac Dawn' Oil on canvas & Resin, 100x
'Midnight', oil on canvas, 90x90cm, $13,
'Lost Chief'  oil on canvas  80 x 160cm
'Dom' oil on canvas 90x120cm  SOLD

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