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June 04, 2020

Roll up! Roll up!

This new body of ceramic work by Sue Rutherford is designed to entertain and provide a sense of joy in our current Covid climate.

Cheerful surfaces and simple forms take the viewer to the magical world of Carnivals – circus tents and fairground attractions

The forms are created both by hand and on the wheel then decorated with layers of coloured slips and sgraffito.

Hen Party

March 15, 2020

Let the party be gin!

A bizarre tribute to my wonderful mother-In-law who loved a party, gin, hens, but most of all family.  

Come meet the celebs including Cheryl Crow (Russell couldn’t make it) and Victoria Peckham.

Inspiration comes from observing my own chooks on the farm, their personalities, habits and pecking order -  a delightful distraction. It’s important to be a chicken liver and laugh.


February 20, 2020

A series of photographs by Eric Schusser exploring the urban environment.

The Ties That Bind

February 01, 2020

New mixed media by Simon King

Second Nature

January 11, 2020

New encaustic work by Lorraine Higgins

Group Summer Show

December 07, 2019

Each artist began with five squares 15x15cm to be displayed either 'across' or as 'A Cross'. There are many interpretations reflecting the various disciplines represented at Hullabaloo. Four guest artists were invited to exhibit under the same parameters - Marion Vialade, Jenny Hill, Alan Coull, Jenny Chisholm 


November 16, 2019

Ropography is the depiction of objects of everyday life which lack importance, the overlooked but sometimes necessary things that we take for granted. Ro Bradshaws exhibition of colourful still life works contains plastics, sourced from these everyday objects and references their relation to the growing problem of plastic waste in contemporary society. 

Wearable and Unwearable

October 26, 2019

Kay's work for this exhibition consists of wearable and unwearable objects maneuvering between disciplines, often using found or recycled materials.


"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery" Francis Bacon


September 07, 2019

In this body of work, Sue explores the phenomenon of glaze crawling.

Usually regarded as a glaze defect to be avoided, Sue uses this so-called defect quite effectively as an intentional decorative element. The glazes, made in the studio, have been formulated to intentionally crawl and create reticulated surfaces.

The Nevis

July 12, 2019

A spectacular hidden valley close to Bannockburn, yet isolated because of its difficult access, the Nevis Valley is the subject of this year's winter show.

Wind your way up the Carrick Range to Duffers Saddle and imagine being in a wagon drawn by Clydesdale horses or bullocks, struggling up the mountain pass, 1000metres in 10 km. From here, at the top of the road, standing among rock tors, the flip side of the Remarkables frame huge vistas of inland Otago high country. As you descend into the Nevis valley you enter another world. A mountain valley cloaked in ochre and light yellow  peppered with rocky outcrops and tailings, speargrass, tussock, and lichens, Winding through its heart runs the sparkling blue Nevis river, fed by dozens of little mountain streams trickling out of gullies. In the 1860's the lure of gold brought miners to this remote place. Evidence of  past stories and hardships are dotted along the gravel road; a cemetery, stone walls,excavated terraces, lonely cottages, ruins of the hotel, a school and a post office.


Each of our artists have come up with their own interpretation of this special place in the heart of our region.


June 15, 2019

Vessels by Simon King. The exhibition explores metaphorical use of vessels as repositories for cultural and personal identity. 

Nothing Gold can Stay

May 18, 2019

Lorraine Higgins - A selection of Plein Air Paintings depicted by scenes in Central Otago and inspired by Robert Frosts poem:


“Natures first green is gold her harvest hue to hold her early leafs a flame but only so an hour then leaf subsides to leaf so Eden sank to grief so dawn goes down today nothing gold can stay”

On until Saturday 15 June 2019


April 20, 2019

'Resurrection' by Andi Regan

21st April to 11th May - Hullabaloo Art Space


'Resurrection'  - When blooms start to fade, seed pods begin to shine. These treasure chests encase and protect our future food, flowers and forests. They have a beauty and strength, designed for their resurrection into a new life.


Their Roots Rest in Infinity

March 30, 2019

'Their Roots Rest in Infinity' Photography by Eric Schusser

31st March - 20th April - Hullabaloo Art Space


This exhibition is a series of photographs exploring the diversity and beauty of trees around the region.


The Wonder Room

March 09, 2019

'The Wonder Room' by Megan Huffadine

10th - 30th March - Hullabaloo Art Space


Megan has taken the original concept of a ‘wunderkammer’ – Cabinet of Wonder and created an installation comprised of new works. These include paintings, works in niches and wall sculptures that draw on plant imagery ranging from Baroque textiles through to botanical drawings.


In the Neighbourhood

January 05, 2019

'In the Neighbourhood by Gail de Jong

6th - 26th January - Hullabaloo Art Space
'My paintings are about extensive spaces felt rather than seen. This multi centred experience corresponds to the notion of variable meanings and readings – adding and subtracting layers or excavations, shifting space, adding and subtracting imagery, paint,colour, marks, surface, tactility – perceived reality – its how I like to make paintings.'


Summer Show

December 08, 2018

Summer Show: Group Exhibition

9th December - 5th January  -  Hullabaloo Art Space



November 18, 2018

Habitat: an exhibition of new works by Jillian Porteous

19th November - 8th December  -  Hullabaloo Art Space

Full of new ceramics and paintings inspired by the flora and fauna of Jillian's immediate environment, the Clutha river and Bendigo wildlife reserve.



October 06, 2018

Still by Annemarie Hope-Cross

7th October - 27th October  -  Hullabaloo Art Space

There are occasions in life when one needs to be still. During such a time in my own life, I have had the opportunity for much contemplation. Many memories have come to mind, often sparked by precious objects such as bottles of photographic chemicals from my grandfather, or a bottle of perfume my father gave my mother.

Bottles are receptacles for many things; healing herbs and medicines, darkroom chemicals, perfumes, nourishing creams, foods and wine. To me they speak of memories, and are perhaps allegories for life itself.

Made with a “mousetrap” camera in our garden and using a technique 180 years old, these photographs necessitated still-ness in the making; each exposure required up to 8 hours in autumn sunshine.

In the stillness, I have found healing and wellbeing.



September 15, 2018

Fuse by Lorraine Higgins

16th September - 7th October  -  Hullabaloo Art Space

This exhibition was inspired from a recent visit to Fiji.

“During our life time we have had many encounters with different cultures and their expressions, this always adds to me personally, spiritually and artistically.”

These paintings are a result of the relationship my family have had with the Fijian families we have had the pleasure of associating with both in Fiji and with those who have come to live in Central Otago.

They depict a juxtaposition of Central Otago landscape and the vibrant persona and colours of Fijian culture and community.


Hidden Kingdoms

August 25, 2018

Hidden Kingdoms by Andi Regan

26th August - 15th September -  Hullabaloo Art Space


Hullabaloo Art in Arrowtown

August 10, 2018

Hullabaloo Art Space at the Lakes District Museum, Arrowtown

11th August - 30th September 2018

Click on image for more details


Elegant Sky

August 04, 2018

Elegant Sky by Luke Anthony

5th August - 18th August -  Hullabaloo Art Space

It will certainly appeal to those that are fans of minimalism, my solo exhibition is literally a solo bird elegantly hanging in a space that gives a sense of it suspended in a sky.



July 14, 2018

Floribunda by Megan Huffadine

15th July - 4th August - : Hullabaloo Art Space

New sculpture and works on paper by Megan Huffadine.  

These works reinterpret and celebrate the use of floral imagery used in Baroque and Rococo textiles. 

Megan’s sculptures and delicate paintings are worked with heightened colour and lush organic forms. 

Exhibition runs from July 15 – August 4.

Still life

June 23, 2018

Still life - Collective Exhibition

Opens 24th June: Hullabaloo Art Space

In this  Hullabaloo Artspace group exhibition  ' Still life  - a different way of looking at the ordinary', the genre is explored by our artists in ways which reflect their chosen practice be it mixed media, ceramic, sculpture, jewellery, photography or painting. For each of them it has been a challenge to step outside their usual modus operandi and experiment with different subject matter.  Open until 14th July.

Here, There and Everywhere

May 02, 2018

Here, There and Everywhere - Collective Exhibition

3rd - 23rd June: Hullabaloo Art Space

In this exhibition Hullabaloo artists support United Nations World Environment Day held on 05 June every year to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and over-consumption.

Every year a particular environmental concern is emphasised and this year it is plastic pollution. We might think we are doing our bit by giving up plastic shopping bags but this is a drop in the ocean, so let’s make a concerted effort to reduce our waste, in particular, single-use plastic waste.

Look forward to seeing you in the gallery and in the meantime try to cut back on all that single-use plastic.


April 21, 2018

Homeless by Rachel Hirabayashi

22 April onwards: Hullabaloo Art Space


In her continuing search Rachel Hirabayashi shows works that explore the shift of the sacred into our landscapes.

This series is a development from her iconic flock series. Gone are the black voids of people and dogs. 

There is no one to project yourself on to, just the building and landscape resonate between civilization and the unoccupied scene as our eyes cross to the horizon. 

Belief, or its lack, in the viewer is provoked. Quizzical or dismissive the only space to reside is the landscape.

Crossed Paths

March 31, 2018

Crossed Paths by Ro Bradshaw and Lynne Wilson

1 - 21 April: Hullabaloo Art Space


Both Lynne and Ro use the cross in their work in ceramics and recycled media. An Easter opening of this exhibition seemed a good time to acknowledge the mutual use of this symbol and the differing meanings it reflects.


February 17, 2018

Podcast by Sue Rutherford

18 Feb - 10 Mar: Hullabaloo Art Space


Podcast - a ceramic conversation with nature. Lots of spheres and leaf shapes decorated with earthy colours and textures, mix your own conversation!


January 27, 2018

Good art should be worn on the body!!


Adorn by Kay Turner

28 Jan - 17 Feb: Hullabaloo Art Space


Jewellery is a visual art with a special feature - it can be worn. 

Traditional jewellery is mostly constructed from precious metals and stones while art jewellery uses anything.

For my solo show I have chosen to use textiles, polystyrene, silver, steel in making art to be worn.

Ferris Road Project

January 06, 2018

Ferris Road Project by Nigel Wilson

7 - 28 January 2018: Hullabaloo Art Space



November 18, 2017

Bloom by Andi Regan

19 Nov - 9 Dec: Hullabaloo Art Space



Andi Regan's new cable tie sculptures, inspired by New Zealand native blooms, will be bursting off the wall at Hullabaloo Art Space, 19 November - 9 December 2017.


October 07, 2017

Fragrant by Lorraine Higgins

Oct 8 - 29: Hullabaloo Art Space

The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. The scent of an orchard in blossom conjures up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example.

The smell of flowers for me transports me back to childhood memories, even if I can’t name flowers I can identify the smell of plants, such as jasmine that trailed itself on our front porch, or Mum’s favourite sweet peas that grew outside my bedroom window every year.

As well as triggering memories plants are often used to remind us of people and places. We plant them for those we have lost I have planted yellow flowers for remembrance of my Raffiki a golden border collie. Flowers and their aromas come back with renewed vigour each year. They serve as a reminder of something or someone we have loved.

Spring Group Show

September 16, 2017

A short break in the solo show programme to collectively welcome Spring back into the precinct. The Spring Show will run 17 September - 7 October.

The Spring Show presents works full of fresh colour and warmth as we farewell winter.


August 26, 2017

Rachel Hirabayashi

27 August - 17 September: Hullabaloo Art Space


A friend found this great observation from  and because it describes the Cromwell condition that Rachel considered at the start of the Inundation series, she has decided to share it.

'The lure of gold brought Cromwell its share of scoundrels but it also brought men and women of courage and enterprise. It was this group who stayed on as the claims petered out, to develop the orchards, the farms and the business ventures that held the town together. It was a dry and hungry corner of New Zealand and the laboriously dug water races that had served the miners took on a new meaning as they were diverted to the needs of horticulture. But in the 1950's the engineers began to think of another use for water in the Clutha Valley. This time energy was to be the king. 

As a result of hydro development, the old retail and commercial area of Cromwell was inundated by Lake Dunstan. '

Arboretum: A Portrait of Trees

August 05, 2017

Annemarie Hope-Cross

6-26 August: Hullabaloo Art Space

Inspired by bare winter trees, Annemarie Hope-Cross has created a series of camera-less photographic images. During a recent trip to Christchurch, sitting by the Avon River with a friend, Annemarie was inspired by the shapes and shadows of bare boughs, and the imperfections of skeleton leaves.

Annemarie uses photographic processes from the 1830’s and 1840’s. She coats paper with chemicals, and places botanical specimens onto the paper. After time out in the sun, an image is created. Once back in the darkroom, Annemarie fixes the image to make it permanent. As trees need sunlight to develop, so do Annemarie’s images.

Winter Hues

July 15, 2017

Collective Exhibition

16 July - 5 August: Hullabaloo Art Space

Hullabaloo’s annual winter exhibition has the theme of “Winter Hues." Each year, members take a concept, share ideas and thoughts about it and a theme is developed. In the past, themes have involved the history of the precinct and an invitational exhibition including previous members.

This year winter itself becomes the focus and ideas have ranged from ‘out of the cold’, ‘winter wonderland’ and a Japanese proverb supplied by one member; ‘One kind word can warm three winter months.’

Once the theme is decided it becomes the title for the exhibition. Members get on with interpreting the theme and applying their ideas and creativity to their work. Hullabaloo member and ceramic artist Lynne Wilson said, “What’s fascinating when working to a theme, is the different interpretations 15 very individual artists lend to it.”


Come along and see how the artists have responded. “Expect cool winter blues and the warmth of a glowing fire,” said Lynne.

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