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Beauty over Time

24 April - 14 May 2022

This exhibition by Hullabaloo artist Jennifer Hay and invited artist Kristin O’Sullivan Peren, reflects upon the nature of time and how discarded or abandoned objects and stories can retain an aura of beauty.

They currently share a studio space in Bannockburn.

Jennifer’s new collection of adornments using antique and vintage beads references the past and explores the boundary between contemporary fashion and art jewellery.

French micro metal beads salvaged from discarded textiles, are hand woven or braided into neckpieces and incorporate gemstones and glass beads. Inspired by ancient mythology and ethnic elements, they evoke objects unearthed from the cities of millennia ago. Delicate lariats and earrings allude to luxurious embellishments and symbols from bygone eras.

Kristin O’Sullivan Peren’s mezzotints also evoke the passage of time through intricate and dedicated mark making. A series of photographs Rubbishegium, chronicles Kristin’s collection of rubbish and left-over detritus, transformed through the parallax of her camera lens into a world of vivid colour and movement. A handful of nails from a broken fence on her farm in Gibbston, stutter like a watch hand across a richly coloured field of vision, while veils of magenta, orange, yellow and green swarm in bejewelled atmospheres.


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