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Lizzie Carruthers is a contemporary painter based in the Maungawera Valley. She uses oils and acrylics in a riot of colours, arranging animals in delightful anthropomorphic situations and poking fun at our own human foibles.

Lizzie draws on her farming career to portray animals in a new and joyful light. Having worked closely with animals and pets, she likes to paint their personalities and capture their expressions. Her subjects are often displayed in human circumstances – wearing monocles, drinking wine, posing for a Victorian portrait, or contemplating their deepest psychological motivations. Lizzie likes to give her subjects edgy and humorous titles which reinforces their interesting life stories.


Lizzie’s large or very small works are underpainted with vivid and unexpected colours and finished in bright luscious oils. She’s inspired by the drawn line, and by artists like painter Francisco Goya, and especially Honoré Daumier, France’s best known caricature artist.

0274 431 057

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