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Much of Tracey Morrow’s work reflects on the nature of life but also in honouring death, particularly her series of hawks and other road-kill birds depicted in a 'memento mori' style. An unfortunate incident with two hawks and the passing of 3 family members prompted her to reflect heavily on cherishing life.

Tracey's work is anchored in the beauty of the natural world and honouring all that is outside her windows. Birds, flora and fauna are a particular favourite. 

As a youngster she was obsessed with Ancient Egypt and had a huge desire to become an archeologist. Several years living near the Auckland Museum saw most weekends filled with hours of museum time. 

Tracey’s journey south to Central Otago after years of living overseas and in the north has, in her own words ‘bought her home’ to a land of big sky and incredible light.

021 242 6870

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